Best ETO fighter from 1939-1942

Best ETO Fighter from 1939-1942?

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Nov 8, 2004
Allright everyone I am going to try this one again. What is the best fighter of the ETO for the period of 1939-1942. After thinking about I sort of have come to the conclusion (this is just my opinion) that during that time the aircraft of the ETO were most closely equal to one another. So lets see what you all think. I personally think the best was the Bf-109E until about 1941 closely followed by the Bf-109E and then the Fw-190A. Now during this time as I stated aircraft such as the Spitfire were about the same as there Luftwaffe counterparts, sure they would flip flop with the RAF having the upperhand and then the Luftwaffe would gain the upperhand. What is your opinion on this matter though. I will only list aircraft in the poll though that reached operational status and were the main ones. If I leave some out please feel free to discuss them in the thread. For all intensive purposes we will consider the Mediteranian Theatre as the ETO.
I would say the Defiant.

Seriously though I would say that it would be between the Spitfire and the FW190. The MKV was a counter to the FW190 and was in some ways superior. This all comes down to the skill of the pilot and personal preference as the main fighters (Spitfire, 190 and 109) are all fairly equal. Being a Spitfire fan though I will say the Spitfire with the FW190 and BF109 a close second and third with the P-38 fourth.
I would pretty much agree with your assessement, especially about the equal part of the Spit, Bf-109 and Fw-190. I though would rate the 109 above the Spit due to the fact that I am a 109 fan and obviously the 190 was better than the 109 so I would put it ahead of both.
P38 Lightning for me. Had multi roles and was very useful in carrying up 1,200 pound bomb load. Also was used by America's leading aces in the pacific.

The -38 also played a important role in the Normandy landings.
D-Day for operation Torch was Nov 1942.

P38's were operational in Iceland and England for most of 1942. I think the 1st FG and their Lightnings also engaged in some combat in North Africa, after the Torch landings. So we should include the P38 in the poll.
I would vote for the 190-A. The spit V and the 109E were good aircraft yes, but the -190 was just all around great, and not as heavy on the stick as the -109. And it just kept on getting better to meet the needs of the reich.
Yes, they were multi roles, and later on, both became even better fighters, evolving into better aircraft...the later war models of the P-38 making a name for itself in the PTO, and the Ta-152h showing what could be done with Kurt Tanks airframe. A testament to both aircraft.
D-Day for "Torch" was November, 1942? No, it was in November, 1942. See, it refers to the DAY not MONTH.

The RAF didn't actually redesign the Spitfire due to the Fw-190. Supermarine was already in the process with organising an upgrade which would become the Spitfire Mk.VIII. However, what the Fw-190A did do was make Supermarine get it's V airframes and slam a two-stage Merlin 70 engine in 'em. So...the Fw-190 rushed the improvement of the Spitfire.

I'd say the Spitfire IX because it was out in 1942.
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