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Apr 1, 2004
The Mosquito was hardly used out there. And wood doesn't warp that quickly, there's more chance of the thing getting shot down before you have to worry about that.
I know it wasn't used that often out there. My point was that the environment there would have taken more of a toll on the Mossie and parts and planes couldn't just be replaced.
Wood doesn't just warp that badly. Wood is a strong material, if they kept it under cover it would last a while even in the South Pacific.
But (yes, I DO know not all trees have the same wood strength, consistency, etc.) there are trees EVERYWHERE!!!! im sure they could use some crappy Palm tree wood until a resupply. Maybe not for a flap, elevator, rudder or aileron or other control surfaces, but like a bullet hole and such....
DUDE!!!! WHAT TIME IS IT?!? You seem to always be on!!! IN ENGLAND!!! THATS LIKE AN 8 HOUR DIFF! Let's see... Its 11pm for me..... Oh, never mind. its only 7am not too early. False alarm. But werent you on at 6pm for me? Hmmmmmm......... 2am? Oh well... If you have Insomnia, not my prob...
I work shifts. So, my sleeping times are lets say screwed up, even on the days I don't work.
That's a point Lightning Guy, but with such things as small bullet holes you could just fabric cover anyway. I suppose they should have brought along enough glue.
the controll surfaces of the mossie were fabric couverd with wooden frames, and remember, the hurricane had a wooden frame and was partly fabric couvered, it didn't change anything...........
Did the Hurricane see any service in the SWPA. I know it saw some use in the CBI but that's still not as bad weather-wise as Australia and New Guinea.
And it's a matter of fact that the weather in New Guinea is quite a bit different from the weather in Jolly Ol' England.
And it's a fact that the Hurricane saw service over Burma and India. It was fine.
I acknowledged that, and that may very well be the end of the argument. I was just theorizing that service in the SWPA might have been different from the CBI. I don't know, that's why I was theorizing.
So, it's all over. For the Brits on here, there's this thing on at the moment about Aircraft Carriers.
I was watching it, how the British invented the carrier, and how it improved, how the Americans took the ideas.
to right, but it couldn't stop singing prases to the american carries, when ours are allot better...............
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