Best Naval Fighter (OLD SPAM)

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not with new law, people pay you off load their stuff to you, people buy stuff from you, win:win 8) you have to buy a few initial pieces of equipment but youd be into profit damn quick
That's not a law that has created that situation. The reason people pay the scrapper to off load their stuff is because it is more expensive to recycle than just scrap. So the scrapper has to pay the larger companies to recycle things that he/she cannot salvage.

Scrap metal is worth very little, that's why you have to pay the scrapper. He doesn't want it anymore!
Generally you only collect what may be useful. For instance rusty old copper piping is not useful.
That's good that, Les. The way you tried to compare America to Britain when they are completely different. Old RUSTY copper piping you have to pay the scrapper to take. However old iron drains are worth a lot of money.
It was really jumping. Jumping is more of a false way to get to the conclusion. Les more strolled to that conclusion by gathering the evidence. If Lanc had done the same it would have been a his brain matter is somewhat, well, you know where I'm going with this.
I agree. And so do I few others...

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