Best WW2 Weapon...

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Can we just delete the poll part of this Adler and keep it simple as to which was the best Rifle, Sub Machine Gun, Machine Gun etc. etc?
I willingly admit that I took it a tiny bit too far with too many choices in the poll which made too complicated....
Sub Machine Gun, lots of options. Like the PPSh but the MP40 and Thompson are definite options. Still, the PPSh with the large drup (72 rounds?) is pretty nasty up close and personal.
Well lets see, just my opinions on the subject.

Pistol - Colt M1911 .45
Rifle - Mauser K98/M1 Gerand
Assault Rifle - Sturmgewehr 44 (StG44)
Machine Gun - MG42

Agree with ya' on everything but the K98. Think the Lee-Enfield Mk 4 was a better rifle. Bigger Magazine, nothing lost in smoothness of action by comparison (maybe even gained, but that is an opinion). But the Garand was a better standard service rifle than either of them.

Can't beat the Colt 1911, same with the MG42 (critic on it being wasteful on ammunition- 20 rds a second is very high) but in ease of use and simplicity, there was none better.

Might add the Bren Gun. Very good light machine gun. Better than the BAR (IMHO).

Sturmgewhr44 is a winner in that catagory simply because there is nobody else in it. Revolutionary design. Not sure about the operational history.
Sub-machine gun -- Thompson .45

At close sub-machine gun ranges, it hits hard and makes big holes.
I enjoy the K98. I own a few of them and they allways were a joy to shoot. They are very accurate and would also make a decent sniper rifle.

Very true, the basis for a lot of hunting rifles out there.

Now if the question was "Which standard military rifle would make the best sniper rifle in WW2", I'd give it the K98 or it's american knockoff, the Springfield '03. Only odd duck would be the Lee Enfield 4 which had some odd harmonics or something that made it very accurate at super long ranges. But don't quote me on that 'cause it sounds like a sea story (even when I heard it).
Never heard of that one timshatz. Are you thinking about the jungle carbine No.7? That one was notorious for a wandering zero and a vicious kick.
Some people state that the Finnish M28 and KP31 is the best ever sniper rifle....


Simo Häyhä, the highest scoring sniper in history with accounted
542 kills. Will probably be unmatched as long as we live atleast.

Simo Hayha W.W. II Finland 542
Ivan Sidorenko W.W. II U.S.S.R. 500
Nikolay Yakovlevich Ilyin W.W. II U.S.S.R. 496
Kulbertinov W.W. II U.S.S.R. 487
V. N. Pchelintsev W.W. II U.S.S.R. 456
Mikhail Budenkov W.W. II U.S.S.R. 437
Fyodor Matveevich Okhlopkov W.W. II U.S.S.R. 429
Fyodor Djachenko W.W. II U.S.S.R. 425
Vasilij Ivanovich Golosov W.W. II U.S.S.R. 422
Afanasy Gordienko W.W. II U.S.S.R. 417
Stepan Petrenko W.W. II U.S.S.R. 412
Sulo Kolkka W.W. II Finland 400+
Erwin Konig W.W. II Germany 400
Vasili Zaitsev W.W. II U.S.S.R. 400
Semen D. Nomokonov W.W. II U.S.S.R. 367
Abdukhani Idrisov W.W. II U.S.S.R. 349
Philipp Yakovlevich Rubaho W.W. II U.S.S.R. 346
Matthäus Hetzenauer W.W. II Germany 345
Victor Ivanovich Medvedev W.W. II U.S.S.R. 331
E. Nicolaev W.W. II U.S.S.R. 324
Leonid Yakovlevich Butkevich W.W. II U.S.S.R. 315
Nikolai Ilyin W.W. II U.S.S.R. 315
Lyudmila M. Pavlichenko (F) W.W. II U.S.S.R. 309
Alexander Pavlovich Lebedev W.W. II U.S.S.R. 307
Ivan Pavlovich Gorelikov W.W. II U.S.S.R. 305
Ivan Petrovich Antonov W.W. II U.S.S.R. 302
Heinz Thorvald W.W. II Germany 300
Gennadij Iosifovich Velichko W.W. II U.S.S.R. 300
Moisej Timofeyevich Usik W.W. II U.S.S.R. 300
Nataly V. Kovshova
Maria Polivanova (Female team) W.W. II U.S.S.R. 300
Ivan Filippovich Abdulov W.W. II U.S.S.R. 298
Yakov Mikhajlovich Smetnev W.W. II U.S.S.R. 279
Liba Rugova W.W. II U.S.S.R. 274
Anatolij Chekhov W.W. II U.S.S.R. 265
Zhambyl Evscheyevich Tulaev W.W. II U.S.S.R. 262
Sepp Allerberger W.W. II Germany 257
Fyodor Kuzmich Chegodaev W.W. II U.S.S.R. 250
Ivan Ivanovich Bocharov W.W. II U.S.S.R. 248
Mikhail Ignatievich Belousov W.W. II U.S.S.R. 245
Maxim Passar W.W. II U.S.S.R. 237
David Teboevich Doev W.W. II U.S.S.R. 226
Vasilij Shalvovich Kvachantiradze W.W. II U.S.S.R. 215
Bruno Sutkus W.W. II Germany 209
Mikhail Stepanovich Sokhin W.W. II U.S.S.R. 202
Noj Petrovich Adamia W.W. II U.S.S.R. 200
M.A. Abbasov W.W.II U.S.S.R. 200
Gefreiter Meyer W.W. II Germany 180
Yekaterina Zuranova (F) W.W. II U.S.S.R. 155
Vladimir Ptchelinzev W.W. II U.S.S.R. 152
Inna Semyonovna Mudretsova (F) W.W. II U.S.S.R. 143
Feodosy Smeljachkov W.W. II U.S.S.R. 125
I. Merkulov W.W. II U.S.S.R. 125
H. Andruhaev W.W. II U.S.S.R. 125
Oleh Dir W.W. II Germany 120
Tatiana Igantovna Kostyrina(F) W.W. II U.S.S.R. 120
Janis Roze W.W. II U.S.S.R. 116
N.P. Petrova (F) W.W. II U.S.S.R. 107
V. N. Pchelintsev W.W. II U.S.S.R. 102
Yelizaveta Mironova (F) W.W. II U.S.S.R 100+
Aliya Moldagulova (F) W.W. II U.S.S.R. 91
Nina Lobkovskaya (F) W.W. II U.S.S.R. 89
Lidiya Gudovantseva (F) W.W. II U.S.S.R. 76
Helmut Wirnsberger W.W. II Germany 64
Alexandra Shlyakhova (F) W.W. II U.S.S.R. 63
P. Grjaznov W.W. II U.S.S.R. 57
Roza Shanina (F) W.W. II U.S.S.R. 54
A.P.Medvedeva-Nazarkina (F) W.W. II U.S.S.R. 43
Marie Ljalková (F) W.W. II Czech Army 30
James Bedford MacArthur W.W. II Canada 9
Never heard of that one timshatz. Are you thinking about the jungle carbine No.7? That one was notorious for a wandering zero and a vicious kick.

Actually, I might be thinking of the SMLE of WW1 fame. Do not know much about the Jungle Mark 7. Looks pretty cool, with the flash supressor.

Have fired the Carbine Moison Nagant. Not a bad little rifle, for the size. Accurate and also with a good kick.

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