Bf 109 K

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Chocks away!

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Jan 16, 2005
I remember the kurfurst being one f my favourite mounts in forgotten battles, but in IL-2 ultimate edition (which is ****** awesome) i was fighting against spitfire IXs and P-51 Ds and i was constantly being outrun by them, at every altitude, and i had no chance. This seems strange to me as the kurfurst should have a definite speed advantage, at least over the Spit. Then i flew the same aircraft against mark V Spitfires, and again i seemed to have no speed advantage, which seems apsurd. Am i doing something wrong?
Thanks. Yeah I was using it, but my speed was rarely above 400 kph and with the slightest provocation the plane was aproaching stall speed. I think i'm also gonna give it another go...
There have been a lot of tweaks to the FM with each successive patch. A lot of people over at claim to be experts on how the various planes should handle. Not unlike some of the folks here at this site. I, like most of these "experts", haven't got a friggin' clue. I would suspect that the K-4 would be able to outrun the Spit Mk.V though. :lol:

Maybe it has something to do with complex engine management? I dunno. The AI pilots in this sim seem to be capable of some pretty amazing feats anyway.
Haven't played the 109K lately, but it should pretty much leave a Mustang, La7 or similar for dead in a fast climb, in fact I did just that online once while taunting the La7, desperately trying to keep up, in the chatbar until I ran out of fuel (damn the small tank on the 109!) and had to try and glide in to the nearest airbase with a very angry La driver trying to turn me into mincemeat :lol:
that happenned to me in my 262, then i blew him to hell with my battery of 24x r4ms

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