Bf 109 photo ID

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Mar 10, 2022
View attachment 660904I just got this early photograph of a 109E ? from Austria and I am trying to figure out who the pilot is. It is hard to see possible markings or the code with the crowd, popular flier, but it looks like maybe a Kommodore code being <<-+- or <-+-. I have found possible pilots but photos online of their planes do not match. Thanks for any help.
Unfortunately the pic wasn't uploaded to our database. So it is not accessible and I can't recovery it. Sorry. :(
The image needs to be re-uploaded.
Sorry for that. This should have worked


The list I found of yellow-nosed Emil models with the possible codes although likely incomplete, none of them seem to match

-Adolf Galland, E-4/N W.Nr. 5819
-Adolf Galland, E-4 W.Nr. 5398
-Werner Mölders, E-4 W.Nr. 3737
-Karl Ebbighausen, E-4
-Helmut Wick, E-4 W.Nr. 5344
-Harry von Bülow-Bothkamp, E-4
-Hans-Jürgen von Cramon-Taubadel
-Max Ibel, E-3
IMHO this is Bf 109E-4 WNr. 5344 of Maj. Helmut Wick, JG.2. The photos are from Beaumont-le-Roger, during November 1940, before Wick's last flight and crash on Nov. 28-th 1940.
There are some more photos (e.g. one below) from the same place - check the internet with details from the above information.

Another photo of the same a/c was on ebay as well (could be in this forum's collection by Schnautzer too):

P.S. Check FalkeEins' blog for more.
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