Big bombers.

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Apr 1, 2004
Although not all these are WW2 bombers, I just want to compare them in size to one another and newer bombers with some interesting pics.


On the left a B-29 on the right a B-36.


A B-17 dwarfed by a B-52.


A B-52 and B-36, I don't know what the aircraft is on the far left, maybe someone knows?


Not good in showing size but, a B-17 and B-29


Two 17s headed up by a Lanc.

Sorry about how long it might take to load this.
The triangular shaped bomber is a B-58 Hustler, I believe it was America's first supersonic bomber. The second unidentified plane is a C-46 Commando. I believe it actually had a larger capacity than the C-47 but saw much less service overall.
C-46 was essential in flying the Hump in Burma, the C-47 didn't perform well at altitude. Over 3000 were built, and they were used in Korea and early Vietnam. One of Curtiss' great designs.
I didn't know they remained in service that long. Of course so did the C-47.
I knew about a plane called the C-46 but I never saw it, so I didn't recognise it. Thanks for the information. The C-47 is still in civilian use now, with many companies especially in Africa.

That can't be too healthy for the crew..I know it's not comparing size but its still a good photo. I was expecting some help in finding other pictures comparing sizes, but no.
I found a picture of a B-24 taxiing, with a B-29 behind it. It's not very good at comparing size, but I've lost it now.
that very first pic is the one i'm normally on about...............

and as for those B-36's, bloody hell!!!!!
Very large, yes. Have you heard about that new Airbus (Passenger plane) it's supposed to be the biggest aircraft yet, with the capacity of 800 passengers, I just mentioned it because it's BIG!
A lot of bombs would have been dropped.

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