Favorite Bombers

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Jul 15, 2004
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What are your favorite bombers of the war?

Im not much into them but here are the few that I like;
Mitsubishi G3M, G4M, B-17, B-25 and, although its not a ww2 bomber the B-36.
For sure it will be Vickers Wellington, Bristol Blenheim, Bristol Beaufort, Short Stirling, Handley Page Halifax and Handley Page Hampden.
I forgot to mention the He111 and the Ju88...

Handley Page Halifax

Thats one of the few british planes that I actually like (besides the Spitfire, Hurricane and Mosquito)
especaily-b-17,stuka,he111,ju88 and every thing ealse. whats not to like in bombers ? pretty much they are all the same.


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No, not at all.

You misproved yourself there.

The Stuka is NOTHING like the Ju-88, the Ju-88 is a different class than the B-17...

IL-2 is like the Stuka, the Battle was crap, the Me-262 bomber was too fast and in turn ineffective, the P-38 was a very unique bomber, the Mossie was one of a kind...

They are not at all the same...

Look at the Ju-88 itself, Jager, Nachtjager, Bomber(Bomber is Bomber in German),Maritime attack, tank-buster, ground-attack...

Same with the Mossie.
Ok for Heavies: B-24 8), Halifax, G4M, H8K "Emily", P-108
Medium, Welington, B-25, B-26, He-111
Light, P-38, SBSC Helldiver, PBY, and PBM.

Bombers were great! Mobern bombers have nothing on these ones. I have more but I wil keep it short! B-24 :)
The bigger the bomber, logically the more it can carry. So the more it can destroy on the ground. It wasn't stupid in those days because the restrictions were on the engines, until jets came a long.

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