Favorite 5 Aircraft- All Eras Allowed.

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Oct 26, 2004
Okay, this is a new topic by Healz. Favorite 5 aircraft of any of the six eras: Pre-WW1, WW1, Interwar Years, WW2, Post-WW2, Modern. Pre-WW1 is the period up to 1914, WW1 is the period from 1914-1918, Interwar Years are 1918-1939, WW2 is 1939-1945, Post-WW2 is 1945-1950, Modern is 1950-2004. This is how I would define the eras as 1950 and the Korean-Vietnam War was the true end of Piston aircraft as fighters and bombers and the begining of the jet age which we are in.

1. Must be an aircraft that has flown in real life
at least once as a prototype. (Imposed this rule
to make sure that it is a real aircraft and not
2. Helicopters are included as aircraft for the
purposes of this topic.
3. It can either be a civil or a military plane,
although mine are mostly military.
4. Can't be a paper plane or an airship as I don't
really consider airships or hotair balloons as

Okay, my list will kick this thread off:

1. AH-64D Apache Longbow- Modern Helicopter- Tank
Hunter, Killer.
2. Spitfire- Famous Fighter from the Battle of
Britain with extraordinary manouverability. WW2
3. Mustang- US escort fighter given to the British
by the US and perfected by the British into a
potent escort-fighter that was used to great
effect in Europe and the Pacific. WW2
4. B-36 Peacemaker. Large US Bomber built just
after WW2 that dwarfed the B-29 Stratofortress.
It was a plane that could carry a large amount of
nuclear weapons or conventional explosives.
5. Sopwith Pup- I think those WW1 fighters are cool
and I admire the courage of their pilots in their
fragile machines.
JCS said:
1) De Havilland DH2
2) Messerschmitt Bf109E, G
3) Tupolev Tu-95
4) Stinson Reliant SR9
5) Dassault Mirage 2000


Bf109: needs no introduction



There ya go...
1) F-22 Raptor (damn defence cuts! :mad: )

2) Su-37

3) Mig-29 all variants

4) CF-105 Arrow (damn shortsighted Canadian government! :evil: )

5) Chance-Vought Corsair
Apache (Dont know hich one, but what ever one comes with 72 Hellfire missiles )

no one Apache model comes with 72 helfire missiles, the aircraft can be fitted with 148 (i think, not to sure) unguided rockets, 16 helfire or a combination of both and 4 sidewinders....................

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