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im still trying to work out whats available that's similar to the old "Search Thread" functionality. ive found a search engine, but so far have not been able to get much from it.
Move the mouse cursor over your nick on the right of the top bar. The menu should appear. Then, choose the Signature option from there. And then click your current signature in the window there.You should get a window for adding the new one. Of course click Save when done.
There is the bar with icons like for the Post Replay isn't it? So you may use the icon for Downloading a picture. But I would suggest deleting of the current picture of the siggy fistly by clicking with Right Mouse Button for the menu with the option. The cursor should be set at the beginning of line where your new image should be downloaded.
Also you may click LMB , if the menu with Insert option appear click the Cancel. The cursor shoul be set at the right , next to the pic. Then hit the key with the arrow going right to remove the image and set the cursor at the beginning of the text line.

Oh.. BTW.. all attachment is enclose as the URL text for the new template.
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Wurger, thank you for attempting to help but I'm old and slow. Only about half of what you wrote make sense to me.
I went to "my Signature" and deleted the old far so good. BUT now I have no way to get the NEW pic on my computer to replace it. I tried COPY then PASTE but paste is not available. I tried to DRAG the pic onto the site but the site indicates than "Downloads are not available". The IMAGE icon requires a URL and the INSERT icon when clicked gives me 4 options none of which is related to a picture. And what is LMB?? So now I have no Siggy pic.
Mike, please, post the screenshot of the window where you deleted the old siggy image and thried to download or paste the new one.

LMB= left mouse button... RMB= right one.
It's the standard screen that comes up when I click on my screen name in the black overhead bar. Then I click on signature


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Hum.. yesterday the button for downloading was there. Today I don't have this one too.

OK... please go to the section with threads about siggies. Then create your own thread where you can post ( download ) the pic you want to be the new siggy. Having that done , copy the URL address of your image and go to the Signature option for pasting the address in the siggy window.
OK. please let me know when come.

BTW.. I have attached to your post of your siggy thread , a clipped image of the siggy shot. You can replace the current image with that if you want.
Will let you know ASAP. Thanks, I did not realize those white bars were there. I just finished croping them out myself and was going to upload it

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