1. horseUSA


    The site will be down for maintenance this Friday 10AM Eastern time (UTC -5). Moving to new server Switching forum software to XenForo Proper HTTPS support Other tweaks and site cleanup Downtime to last a few hours There will be a Maintenance Page which will provide updates as...
  2. B

    on line manual site

    Hi All, An interesting site, manuals of german and allied aircraft and engines etc there is some new stuff to me enjoy :) Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego w Krakowie cheers jerry
  3. wheelsup_cavu

    Browsing while logged off

    If you haven't browsed the site while logged off you may want to consider it. Quite frequently the formatting breaks while trying to read a thread making it next to impossible to read. If membership registration is down this may be part of the cause since anyone wanting to check things out...
  4. S

    Unknown airplane crashes

    Hi everyone, My name is Marius from Roumania. This week I found about where a plane crashed in WW2. I was at the site, and I found a lot of debris, but no identifiable. I also found someone a few pieces that were found at the crash site with many years ago. My request to you is if you can...
  5. fubar57


    Though I have seen ads on the site when I'm not logged in, this is the first one and only one I've seen when I've been logged in... Geo
  6. syscom3

    Map may hold key to lost World War II bones at Pacific battle site

    In todays LA Times. Map may hold key to lost World War II bones at Pacific battle site - LA Times
  7. fubar57


    Don't know if this has already been posted. Supposedly, where every bomb has been dropped from WWI to Vietnam. General information... Historic airpower database now online > U.S. Air Force > Article Display Geo EDIT: Couldn't get THOR to work, the CAPTCHA is wonky. Tried to email them about...
  8. Elmas

    Italian modelling site
  9. Bustedwing

    Question on making decals.

    This Airfix He 177 I'm doing at present is going to need decals. I've given up trying to source them out local but I did get a sheet of decal paper so I thought I might print my own up. Has any one tried this with any luck ? Also is there a site where one might download German fonts and...
  10. DerAdlerIstGelandet

    Erwin Rommel's grave and site of his suicide.

    While on my trip back to Germany last month, I made a side trip out to the site where Rommel was forced to commit suicide and to his grave. Here are some pics. This was the first time I visited it since I was at the ceremony for the 50th anniversary of his death.
  11. fubar57


    Cruising around eBay and came across this item... I couldn't find a review about it so I'm wondering if anyone has used it before. Here is the web site...Uschi van der Rosten: Wood grain decals and fine art scale model accessories. - Uschi van der Rosten Geo
  12. GrauGeist

    WW2Aircraft Site Evolution

    With some of the recent changes, came the issue of "site appearance". Some of the folks here are newer members and perhaps haven't had the opportunity to see the changes over the years. Myself, I've only been a member since 2008, but I was a visitor long before I joined. So I thought it...
  13. Torch

    Maybe some new,probably some old pics from another site.

    Site Issues

    Is anyone having issues with the site? Redirects?