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That goes through for me. I did an update and appears the cache system on server is causing some havoc with stale content. I am working to clear out the cache. Thanks for heads up
Seems to be OK now but there was a point about an hour ago when I went to "New Posts", selected a thread, and it kicked me back to the home page every time.
Things seem to be working fine on my end (Firefox 31.0) but WTF is wrong with the ads?

Usually there is a "banner" ad right below the page header but now it's about 800x400 (not exact dimensions, but close - I eyeballed it) here's the latest! :lol:

The ads are gone and the Advanced Search Feature is possessed by gremlins...

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Horse is doing work on the site and the site appearance has reset to default.

Scroll to the bottom of any page (or this page, even) and find the Theme pulldown menu on the left. Select --fluid_ww2_update and the site will have it's familiar look again.

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