Unknown airplane crashes

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Sep 5, 2015
Hi everyone,
My name is Marius from Roumania.
This week I found about where a plane crashed in WW2. I was at the site, and I found a lot of debris, but no identifiable. I also found someone a few pieces that were found at the crash site with many years ago.
My request to you is if you can help me to identify the type of plane that crashed.
An admin can help me how to upload pictures.


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That top photo has information stamped at the left end (by the thumb screw), just out of view.
If you can rotate the object and get a better photograph of the inscription, it may offer more help for identification.

I might also ask where the location of the crash site is, like near what village, for example. This might help in checking to see if it was Allied or Axis.
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Took a closer look at that brass object (first photo) and it really appears to be of European origin.

That looks like a hydraulic cylinder of some sort and that thumb-screw (wing nut) appears to be the filling point.

You can see that there is information stamped on the body - part numbers, most likely. This is the information that would help a great deal, if you can rotate the object and get a clear photograph of the words that are stamped on the body.

This plane crashes at : 46 42' 25" N and 26 07' 46" E . Local residents said he was an American plane piloted by Russian pilots.
Very interesting the cartridges found, they could give some information.

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