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Karl, I do see "New Posts" but there used to be two others "Today's Posts" and "My Replies" neither of which show up under my name at the top right. Also my siggy is gone
After hitting new posts at top right it says on my screen "recent posts"

You dont have a mini avatar with your name in the dark grey banner top right ?
If you click the magnifying glass top right (userbar). There is a dropdown next to more with useful searches.
Your Threads -- threads you started
Your Posts -- replies to threads
Searches are there. I will work on setting up a link in top, but that will get you there for now.
Screenshot 2016-01-15 16.00.07.png
Also my siggy is gone
I see your siggy. You can disable signature view or change to have signatures collapse in your preferences.

I checked the old database and this is what was stored for you:
Motivated, Dedicated, Lethal

Which is what currently shows:

Motivated, Dedicated, Lethal



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Horse, thank you but I used to have this pic as my siggy and then under it the words Motivated,Dedicated, and Lethal
The pic is gone, replaced by [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]


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Wonder if it's possible to get rid of the black-ish title 'banner'. Kinda steals a lot on the smaller screen :)
Have tried all you technical advise on how to make the new setup better, but nothing works. Just get this drab site with nothing fancy which is unusual for a new web page. Every time attempting a change in setup, always asked for member ship name and password, even when checked "keep logged in"'. My system is modern, in fact only 4 weeks old, got a new computer from Santa.
I have a couple of issues about the new format relating to the "This Day In the War In Europe" thread. Problems with displaying images at their original size. I can restore them but thats not satisfactory because the restore moves everything around. . When I do that It enlarges the image, but moves it to the top of the post so that the image is no longer in sequence or forming part of the text (see my entry for 13 or 14 Jan). Then it retains a thumbnail of the same image within the text. This pretty much wrecks the formatting so that the narrative with the pictures is no longer logical or flowing. Any idea how to display images at normal size without generating another in page image? Retain the page layout in other words. Also havent been able to work out how to disable the smileys yet While Im at the big whinge, I havent tried this yet bu are there changes in the way Ive been attaching images and making it part of the text....sort of text, then image, then text again?

Ive posted this as a separate thread before discovering this more general thread. Also contacted Chris (NJ) for advice, as i would like to resolve my issue so I can keep up with the "day by Day format of that thread.
Cant edit posts. Always asks for a login, to edit a post, when i give it the login, logs in, then loops back and asks me again. At the moment no way for me to edit my posts

This is the link to the thread i was referring to above. I would have posted this as an edit, but cant

This is going to be embarrassing becasuse it is going to display my complete ignorance.....

This Day in the War in Europe: The Beginning
Cant edit posts. Always asks for a login, to edit a post, when i give it the login, logs in, then loops back and asks me again. At the moment no way for me to edit my posts

parsifal parsifal Are you able to edit posts without login issues? I changed some server settings, to try to stop logging people out
Still getting used to the new layout, finding out how things work and so on, both on the computer and on the mobile...hope to see the 'Like', 'Dislike' and the 'Give Me Bacon' again soon...

You're doing a fantastic job David! :thumbright:
This is really much better than the old forum David. Very sophisticated. It works nicely with mobile devices, using Bootstrap or the like. Also the layout is much more logical, navigating through a thread is much better than the old way.

In other words: Well done!

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