1. horseUSA


    The site will be down for maintenance this Friday 10AM Eastern time (UTC -5). Moving to new server Switching forum software to XenForo Proper HTTPS support Other tweaks and site cleanup Downtime to last a few hours There will be a Maintenance Page which will provide updates as...
  2. Lucky13

    F1 - 2016 season...

    Shows you how much I follow this, I didn't know there's a Swede in F1 again, Marcus Ericsson! This will be his second season with Sauber.. Think that I'll have to watch this time, even if the cars are ugly!
  3. Wurger

    Finished Shots of Each Build....

    The first model has been finished and it's the time to open the GB gallery. Fubar57 - 1/48 SPITFIRE MK.Vb Category - Advanced JKim - 1/48 F6F-3N Hellcat Category - Advanced Crimea River - 1/48 Bf109G-6 "Yellow 17" Category - Judge – Non competing JKim - 1/48 Ki-45 Toryu Kai Tei Category...
  4. SamPZLP.7

    Trainers GB

    Hi all, I have been attempting to form a group build over on youtube recently. It is on trainers, so any aircraft that have the role of trainer and at any time period. The start date is December 17 and there really isn't an end time set yet. If you are interested in the GB either reply or go to...
  5. Wayne Little

    5 Years ago Today

    5 Years today since my Mum passed away.... A day and time I will always remember, not just for my mum, but for those forum members who rallied during that time with their Cherished support and wishes, Cards posted from all over the world...some gifts and this....for some of you to...
  6. Wayne Little

    *** Winners – JUDGED COMPETITION GB 26 “The Jet Age ” ***

    As the Members Poll draws to a close, here we present the Category Winners for the Jet Age or what could have Been Group Build. The Winners for GB 26 are…. And again Thanks for your patience…. Category 1 Beginner / Novice / Casual CATEGORY. We had no new Members completing entries in...
  7. Catch22

    Pensacola Time Needed?

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is the right spot for this thread but here it goes anyway. I'm looking into going to Pensacola with my dad and brother this January, and I'm just wondering from anyone that's been there, how much time we'd need at the Naval Aviation Museum. Also, is there...
  8. M

    Knoke's Mosquito

    Many of you will have heard of or read Heinz Knoke’s “I Flew for the Fuehrer”. One of the incidents he relates is his victory over a Mosquito on 6 November, 1942. The book was written some years after the war ended, and Knoke was going by memory. Problem with his story is, no Mosquito was lost...
  9. Bustedwing

    Italeri Ju 52 Minesweeper.

    Built this kit over the past few months. Great kit all in all. Now that I'm back in semi hibernation mode for the winter I hope to spend more time building !
  10. Donivanp

    The Greatest Man I ever knew

    The Greatest Man I ever knew An unassuming gentleman passed quietly this morning, 7 November 2015, most would not notice. He was a frail old man who could not take care of himself any longer. Born on July 22ed 1926 in the small town of Decatur Arkansas, to Mary and Ode Phillips he was the...
  11. Caspian Sea Monster

    Awkward Hello

    I registered an account here last night and decided to sleep on it before doing anything else, and returned this afternoon to discover that my account had already been deleted. Not quite sure why that happened but I'm going to assume it's inactivity-related, so I'm forcing myself to post this...
  12. P

    Aircraft Data Plate

    Recently bought these three data plates. Any info on them? I know a fair bit about the C-47 (ADF Serials) A little about the B-25 But nothing about the Supermarine one, most likely Walrus? Any help? Also a few sources say the B-25 was recovered once upon a time but where did it end up...
  13. rochie

    US Navy F-18 crashes in Cambridgeshire !

    BBC reporting an F-18 of the US Navy has crashed in Cambridgeshire at about 10.30 am UK time this morning. Update. Unfortunately it seems the pilot has lost his life. :salute:
  14. Capt. Vick

    It's that time of year again!

  15. C

    Did the skill of U.S. Naval Dive Bombing Pilots decrease Steadily from 1942-1945?

    I was re-reading Shattered Sword, about the battle of Midway, and started to think about how much more bang-for-the-buck the first team of US naval aviators gave compared to later pilots. In the Battle of Midway, for example, three squadrons of pre-war trained SBD pilots sunk 3 carriers in one...
  16. dneid

    1/48 Hurricane Mk.I - Defense of Britain/Atlantic.

    Username: dneid First name: Dale Category: Advanced Scale: 1/48 Manufacturer: Tamiya / Italeri Model Type: Hurricane Mk. I Aftermarket addons: Techmod Decals / CMK Interior (I have not decided for sure on using this) Ok, time for me to jump back in to build SOMETHING by the end of the...
  17. fubar57

    NEW TO ME - RE: eBay

    First time I've ever seen this on eBay.... Geo
  18. D

    USAAF squadron/group orgsanisation 1943-45

    Does anyone have good source where I can read about the standard/theoretical organization of USAAF air units from 43-45? I have only found this: USAAF - Organization and Equipment - Tactical Organization | but that's with an unknown number of reserve aircraft and not broken-down into squadrons...
  19. Wayne Little

    *** Winners – JUDGED COMPETITION GB 25 “Allied manufactured Aircraft ” ***

    The Winners for GB 25 are…. And again Thanks for your patience…. Category 1 Beginner / Novice / Casual CATEGORY. We had 3 completed entries in this Section 1st Place : Jeff – Jeff Hunt for his 1/48 Wellington Mk.III 2nd Place : Adam – Ratpit for his 1/48 P-47D 3rd Place : Serge -...
  20. Jeff Hunt

    Jeff's Excellent Fishing Adventure

    Well, I am back. I came home yesterday.It is earlier than I had hoped but once again life got in the way of fun and I found myself heading home three days sooner than planned. The trip started off on August 06th with me leaving my place at 02:45 hrs and 14 hours later I arrived at my brother's...