Blazing Angels : Squadron of WWII

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Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

A new WWII flight sim is coming out from the Montreal company UbiSoft. It's name ? "Blazing Angels : Squadron of WWII".

The game will be in store later this year. Unfortunately, the game will be playable exclusively on X-Box... Damnit !

Anyway, here is the official web site :

And I attached the trailer below.

P.S. I don't know why, but I love the music playing on the web site.


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the German radio sounds came from IL-2, it was the control tower saying "warning, abort runway approach, repeat, abort runway approach"
Basically a first person shooter type game but with planes instead of guns, not enough buttons for a real simulation on xbox.
I played to EAW. It was a Warez version I found on internet a few weeks back... So no videos for me.

However, even if I had something like 50 victories my pilot still had the "Pilot Officer" rank I started with and I didn't receive any medals... Even if I was playing with all options set to "realistic". It must be a bug of the Warez version...

Personnally, I think the good old days of flight simulators with all the cockpits details and stuff like that are over. It's less expensive for companies to develop a game for a game platform like the X-Box or the Play Station than develop a computer game.

Why ? Because the hardware in a X-Box is standard to all X-Boxes. So you don't have the compatibility problems that you have with computers. So what companies will do is create the game for a game platform and then (if you're lucky) they will make some minor changes to make a PC version...

Companies like LucasArts already started to do that. They stopped making games of the X-Wing serie and they created Jedi Academy and the Rogue Squadron serie for a game platform first, then made a PC version. They are doing that for most games now.

So I think UbiSoft is gonna do the same thing.

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