World of Tanks, War Thunder & Armored Warfare?

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Peter Gunn

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Jan 13, 2016
Clearwater, Florida
Define "better"...

World of Tanks is rather fun and the tech tree, crew skills and monetary system is pretty good, but has a 25% RNG on a LOT ( read ALL ) of their variables, like penetration for example.. The vision mechanics are also totally screwy and have been since day one, no matter what some of their devs and players say. Play this and you'll have a good time but you'll also find yourself bitching at the company for some pretty basic foul ups. Example, you have a gun that has 203mm of penetration, you hit the flat side of a turret with 110mm of armor, RNG rolls in that 25% and viola... you bounce. And that 25% crops up a lot more often then 25% of the time.

War thunder, if you're playing the tanks part is actually fairly good, it plays different then World of Tanks and the tech tree isn't as good to me but still a good time. Granted I haven't played nearly as much of this as World of Tanks.

Armored Warfare is for all intents and purposes a dead game. It started out good but tailed off to the nothing it is now. Basically not worth it.

Hope that helps, if you try World of Tanks, look me up as PeterGunn_

I'm usually on around 7:00pm EST North American time on week nights.
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Apr 10, 2009
South Carolina
I love World of Tanks on the XBox (I've never played it on the PC). Its pretty easy to learn how to play.

I've watched my son play War Thunder on the PC and it does look cool but also seems more complex to play.

At the end of the day, I just want to straight forward blow stuff up.


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Aug 5, 2014
Rock Hill SC
Strictly from a tank perspective I enjoy World of Tanks the best, although I haven't played in a few years. Warthunder is not bad but I get irritated at one shot kills. I also prefer US tanks which makes the problem worse because their ammo type usually makes it rare to get a one shot kill vs the Soviet types that nearly always do. German tanks are better in that regard but not as good as Soviet. Warthunder air battles on the other hand are great fun although the later tiers require a bit of a grind.

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