British 250 & 500 lb. Bomb schematics, as would have been used on early Typhoons?

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Jan 21, 2019
I'm working on a 73" span Hawker Typhoon and want to work up a 3D print file for bombs, either the 250 or 500 lb. type used by the Brits. I've found a few schematics, and little dimensional information. I like the type with the perfect cylindrical mid-section (not continuous teardrop) and elongated fins (on the 250). Can anybody help? I can go by photos and scale drawings, but it never fails -- I no sooner do the design, then print and paint the articles, than the perfect source documentation emarges!

Attached are some photos -- sometimes it's hard for me to tell if they are 250 or 500 lb. type.


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I have -- the closest thing I found on the the 250 is this, although the fins are different. Lacking anything better, I'd use those dimensions and go by photos.

This does look like a correct 1000 lb. Typhoon bomb, but was hoping for a proper 500.

So you have to find the dimensions of the bomb tail No.26 Mk.III or the No.28 Mk.II then.

bomb Tail No26 Mk III.jpg

the pic source: the net.
There is also the possibility that they carried these - the RAF/RAAF/RNZAF version of the indicated American bombs which have both US and Brit suspension lugs - from RAAF 296 armourers notes Aug 43. This may be the parallel body bomb you are thinking of
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