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Oct 30, 2006
Sintra - Portugal
Hi people !
I need some help to find the real colors of the german planes camouflage (war II) and the respective correspondence between REVELL and TAMIYA.
I don´t l like revell's paint but the truth is they have the "Scwarzgrün, matt 40" and the "Dunkelgrün, matt 39" who seems a very good tonality.
As I prefer Tamiya, spray, somebody can tell me the correspondent colors?
Thanks to all
Hi !!!

To be honest you cannot strike a balance between the real paintings and modeller's enamels tonality.You should remember that real colours tonality has been changing during the time of aircrafts usage.It dependes on the weather conditions,quality etc.If you want to paint a model that would look like the real a/c, you should remember about this.
There are some of enamels that you can use.One of the best paintings producers are Gunze Sangyo,Xtracolor and Tamiya.Of course you ca find others firms that offer both oil and acrylic paintings Testors,Aeromaster,Lifecolor and Pactra for instance.What paintings you'll choose it depends on you only.The Humbrol enamels are still avialable and it is a good choice for those who cannot afford others paintings.I hope the list of the enamels helped.



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Also remember what scale does to paint.

Take 1/48 for instance.

Get up beside a plane and look at the colors panel lines etc.

Now walk backwards for 48 feet and look again, this is what you should be portraying in the model to create a scale realistic effect.

Try it with trucks etc and it is even more apparent.

eg. painting straight Black onto a 1/48 Lancaster never looks as good as tonal dark greys.
K9kiwi is right.I've forgotten about it.In 1:72 scale for instance,colours should be a bit lighter to make a borderline between them much more visible.
Hi to all,
Thank you very mutch by all your informations. Was very useful.
Now and since the 09:54 PM (TMG) I'm taking photos of the moon's eclipse.
Near the 11:00 PM I send to you the eclipse from Sintra-Portugal.

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