Captured 109 pics

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Goood info Wurger!
But I would be more accurate: Bf 109E-4 from 9./JG 52.
Note the Fug 7 antenna mast with 3 links (ealry type), as well a back mirror on the top of the windscreen.
Excellent stuff Chingachgook. :D
Unfortunately one of the pics was horizontal flipped.I've corrected it and I hope you haven't taken offence at me.:)


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No Lanc, I have never seen the pic before but I'm not sure.The seven has given it away and an engine cowling ( a lack of the air intake for the suppercharger).
This is the Swiss Bf-109, I think that Bf-109 is one of the best plane of the WWII:

Bullo Loris
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