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OK guys, it looks like its time to get the pics turned in... The Board is gonna go through some updates and changes in the near future, and Horse likes the idea of the roving/chnging banner pics...

So, with this in mind, lets start getting them posted up... We'll use this thread for any and all discussions and postings.... If u previously posted pics in another thread concerning this, repost them here if u would be so kind....

Lets see what u creative sumbitches can come up with... Use the above banner as a refrence for size... The new formun format will be discussed and decided by the Mods and Admins soon... Then the color scheme will be ready for comparison...
By Thorlifter....




Like the basic theme of Thorlifter's first one. Maybe substiture the '110 for a '109, soften the hard-edged masks etc, but keep the overall design aspect. It gives the message of what the forum is about, ie WW2 aircraft. Should add a USSR bird?
I really like Cosimo's but with a rotating pic....give me the weekend and I'll see what I can come up with.

Who were the top five choices in the Best Fighter Poll?
German innovation deserves a nod. I dont know which type of drafting tools were used.. i just threw some in. I can change them if accuracy is an issue.

I still have a few tweaks but I wont make them till I know if this "Flys".


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