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I guess that is an answer we will need. What will be the color theme of the site now? Is it going to stay the Clean Blue colors or is it open depending on a banner or two or three that are picked?

Ha. I guess I'll keep throwing them out there. It gives me practice anyway with Photoshop.
That's fine, Chris. I'm a huge fan of Wurger's work as everyone knows. IMO, he is the Siggy King on this site. Myself, I'm not a big fan of the changing picture, but if anyone can make it work, I know Wurger can. Like I said, I'll keep coming up with ideas that pop in my head, if anything, just for the practice.

I was going to submit one... but if you ask me... this is it... :thumbup:

The font is good.. the colors are great... the profiles are top notch... and the fact that they cycle is really nice.. That one says it all IMO... the only thing I can think of is to add a few more nationalities ... but this is the one. At least out of all the ones in this thread... and some of them were great...

I just think that the text should all go across on one line.. top or bottom.. but all on one line. I like the fact that it is not a fancy text as well.. the only thing you might want to consider is putting a mirror reflection on the text.. say if you run it along the bottom... like the Clean Blue text that is already on the header above... and also not the gradient of the banner that is there... from top to bottom.. that would be a nice touch too.. but that is nice... I keep coming back here just to look at it... LMAO.....
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Clave's logo has definitely got my vote. ;)

The only thing I'd change, was that I think it would look nice with url text "WW2Aircraft.net" up top above the cycling plane profiles, and "Aviaiton Military Discussion" in the same font below.
Oh, and I think it would also look nice with the various whaddyacallit-thingys at left instead of the blue/white checkerboard pattern...y'know, the RAF rondel, the Luftwaffe cross, the Japanese rondel, the russian red star and so on, cycling in a way so that they fit with the plane profiles that are being shown.
If I knew how to do it in Photoshop, I'd be more than happy to make an example.
In my opinion Wojtek's (Wurger's) proposal is a clear winner. It has it all - changing profiles, beautiful background which matches with forum background perfectly and proper dimensions. You can check it out in post #116 on previous page of this thread...
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Hi guys,

Thanks for kind words about my one.I'm still working on this but I haven't had any free time to finish it.Be patient, please.

Also I like Clave's work. I may use his profiles from the banner but I have to ask him I think.
Yep, would agree. Don't think Clave has done any WW2 bombers yet. So the selection should be something like: Spitfire, Mustang, BF109, FW190 and some Japanese and Russian aircraft depending on what is available (Thunderbolt/Corsair/Hurricane etc can also be added to this list).
Love the layout, background, and text, but there is something about the changing profiles that just strikes me weird. I can't put my finger on it.

Just curious, are those Clave's profiles?
Yep these are.I hope Clave won't take offence at me for that.

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