captured aircraft

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Jul 26, 2005
A good one for captured aircraft also is Strangers in a Strange Land. Some of the stories are a little incorrect, but the pictures are great. They also show the reclamation yards where they stored the pieces.
Interesting. Any more to show us? I used to know a website with a lot of captured German equipment and it also featured some that the Allies had captured such as Me-109 in British Airforce colours. I think that was shown from memory captured in the Battle of Britain.
I have a great book it's called strangers in a strange land by squdron/signal publications it follows the story of Allied planes from when they were shot down to when they used them in the luftwaffe or recycled them
Its not got much to do with aircraft as a such, but the amount of pictures you see of Matilda IIs in german colours and the amount of russian tanks in Finnish colours is amazing
I will need to go looking to try to remember the site that some of mine came from... I can't remember. Too long ago.

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