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Master Sergeant
Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

I would like to know, does any of you have a special trick to win with the USAAF ? I was able to complete the game easily on the British side, but I can't complete it when I play on the American side.

Each time I land on on continental Europe (all of the time, British assault first), I get pushed back to the sea. Worst : I can't launch a ground offensive with the American (while I could on the British side).

Is there a trick or is the game simply uncompletable with the USAAF ?
If it is completable, that's damned hard. I completed it with the RAF on the first try (103 missions (my longivity record), British troops walked on Berlin on 30th July 1944) but I never succeeded to complete it with the USAAF.

On a try I made a while back on the USAAF side, in about 50 missions, British troops landed three times on continental Europe. Each time, they got pushed back into the sea.
Hooray ! After a last try, I finally completed the USAAF campaign. I broke most of my personnal records, though (old records were made with the RAF)...

Old longest campaign record : 103 missions
New longest campaign record : 158 missions

Old highest rank record : Air Commodore (level 25)
New highest rank record : Lt. General (level 33 (or 34, can't remember))

Old air kills record : 131
New air kills record : 296

(Note : when you destroy an aircraft on the ground, it is counted as an "air kill". I must admit that between 25% and 33% of the American campaign kills were made by shooting parked planes. While 99% of my RAF kills were really made in the air.)

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