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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
I picked up CFS 3 over the weekend. I was looking for a combat flight sim and aside from some rappy looking ones, that is all they had. I was looking for IL2. Anyway, it took me getting used to the controls (I have a Yoke and rudder pedals) as I normally just fly the Cessna 172 in MSFS 2004.

So for the first 8 missions, I was an "ace-maker". I got my ass handed to me. Now I have settled in and am evening the score. 25 kills so far.

What fun!

Here is my custom ride


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Huh, Hussars?

I'm still flying quick combat missions while I hone my dogfighting skills and try out different airplanes. So far, the Lightning has been my best luck, although I did fly one Typhoon mission that kicked ass.
Could be, I need to get a memory problem sorted out. My machine has been hiccuping a bit. I wanted to get a screenie of the Ju-88 that I bagged last night. Nothing like seeing "hit, hit,hit" then KABOOM as it explodes in the air. Plus, I want to get a little more used to the combat before I go to a chase view while dogfighting.
...You have absoultly no Idea how happy it made me to see your reactions to the WW2 sim experience evangilder. I now understand your liking of my screen shots. I run a CFS-3 game in my computer as well.

CFS-2 is not compatable with CFS-3. I await CFS-4 to restart what I have going on in CFS-2.

I've got a 256 ATI 9800 Pro CFS-3 at the resoulition I need, 'jitters' my viedo card as well. Heavy heavy program, so far, in helping a few of my friends with getting thier games running, each computer was set differently, all hiccup as you put it from time to time.

Anyway... Since my 'Sceeen Shots' belong in a different place, go check out my CFS-2 Lighting there.

This was great.


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I am running a P4 3.00 Ghz with 2 GB of RAM with the NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 and it's smooth for the most part. Every once in a while I get a jitter, but that's usually because of something I ran prior to CFS III. If I start the game after a fresh reboot, I don't get any jitter. You know how Windows can be with memory (mis)management.
I have about the same P4HT 3.02Ghz 2GB RAM 1xATI9800pro 256M Windows XP-Pro. Windows generally messes me up so I use a few cache managers, have a 4GB drive set up for swap files.


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JonJGoldberg said:
... I await CFS-4 to restart what I have going on in CFS-2.

No way. Microsoft has discontinued the Combat series and "disbanded" the
developing team. No CFS4 in the future. And almost surely the next
Flight Simulator release will be the last of the series. :(

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