CFS3 Add-on D-Day, 1944

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So no one bought that add-on ? Crap... I was considering buying a copy, but I can't find anyone who could give me their advice on the game.

Most of the peoples I talk to either never heard of it or did heard of it but never played it.

The re-skinned planes looks beautiful... But I won't buy the add-on if the game sucks !

Here are a few screenshots I found...


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HI Maestro,

Welcome to the (as yet) very sparsely-populated flight-simulation enthusiast corner of the forum!

Those screenshots look awesome!

So, what is it that you value most in a flight simulator? Is it the imagery, or is it the flight models? If it's the former, I would definitely recommend GMAX's addons, they seem to have very good visuals, pyrotechnics and damage effects. The reviews of the flight models are also very positive, although they are somewhat debated and criticized by some enthusiasts on forums.

If you prefer realism above all else, then you're a hard-core simmer, which means that you should probably look away from microsoft's products. I would recommend you to buy the budget release of "Rowan's Battle of Britain" (see the 'CFS 1' thread for info), or its full-price sequel ( I think it's called "Wings of Fury").

But if you want to stay with microsoft, because of its extendability and tweak potential, I can't see anything wrong with GMAX's products, but since I haven't flown them, I really can't provide a lot more information.

Whatever the choice, I wish you a happy virtual flight.

Best Regards
CFS3 gameplay and cockpit models are the worst ive played
I agree. There's going to be a freeware expansion for CFS3 called "Mediterranean Air War", that might interest Maestro. It's authored by a collaboration of groups, one of which being the 'AvHistory 1% Group" that has made some of the best flight models for CFS 2 and 3. But since it's freeware, and it's not yet ready, I can't vouch for its quality.
I know of Rowan... I have their game "Operation Overlord". Unfortunately, that company is out of business since 2001... So it's impossible to find a legal copy of their games in stores and very difficult to find an illegal one on the Internet.

I like CFS3 because of it's dinamic storyline... Your actions can make the war ends in 1944 if you're efficient. Or after the real end of the war in Europe on May 8th 1945, if you're not efficient enough.

In fact, there is only three points that I don't like of CFS3 :

- It needs a lot of RAM to run smoothly... I had to pass from 256 to 512 MB RAM (+ a 128 MB GeForce video card) to make it run nicely.

- It lacks of several planes... Why the RAF doesn't have P-51s ? Why the RAF doesn't have Lancasters ? Why the USAAF doesn't have B-17s ?

- I thought the game would be a little more like "Operation Overlord". I mean yes, the dinamic storyline is a good idea. But I would have prefered it to begins shortly before D-Day and continue throughout the war. (If you played "Operation Overlord", you know what I mean.) But that's only a personnal taste.

However, I don't agree with the ones who says that CFS3 is crap. I think it's a great game... With several knocks against it.

For me, a good WW II Flight Simulator must be the following :

1 - Be in the ETO.
2 - Must be playable on the RAF side.
3 - Relatively good graphics.
4 - Run smoothly on my computer.
I'm sick of ETO flight sims, dude you just be flying the same old mustangs with the description "the best fighter of the war" or the same old B-17s,
don't u guys get sick of ETO? wanna just go fly some Macchis or Lavochkins or maybe even Japanese planes for a change?

dude, you know when i played CFS3 in easy campaign mode, i made the Germans (my side) win even before 1944 lol, but now i don't do easy
No. I like the ETO.

And when is the last time you saw a Mustang being described as the best fighter of the war ? One of the best, may be. But the best, never.

Don't ask me why I prefer the ETO... It's just a personnal taste.
Sure, soon. Inside new MAW campaign. All brand new models, like these others:




And re the doubts about MAW quality (being freware), some details, say,
of Macchi 200 instruments:


What is Italian Wings? :D
Hot Space said:
I am deeply, deeply jealous. Can you fly that Wellington m8?

Hehe, I can. You will be able to do soon. We are giving the finishing touches to the Mediterranean environment. Scenery is ready. Now we are finishing the planes and testing the new flight models.
Hot Space said:
So are you a 3rd Party Modeller m8?
No, I'm mainly one of those guys who splash some paint on the 3d models.
My modeling activity is limited to small things, like pylons and such.
Maybe after Mediterranean release will extend my experience in 3d modeling.

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