Cfs3 original exe from CD

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May 14, 2007
Hi im in a bit of a pickle here...

after long time of not playing CFS3 i have come back 2 it, n there is a WW1 mod that im dieing 2 try but i need 3.1 update 2 play it. this is were things get bad..

i have used a no cd for version 3.0 original so that i didnt need 2 use the CD for it which means quicker loading etc. but now i cant update the game without the original and i didnt back it up stupidly. problem is i cant find my CFS3 CDs. i been lookin for over an hour n no luck.. is there any other way 2 install this patch without original EXE??? like a manual install? or is it possible for someone 2 upload the original exe from the CD which would b appreciated.. i will continue 2 search for the CDs. but im pulling my hair out looking for it. any help would b appreicate.. thanks
hi guys, i still cant find the damn Cds im loosing it hear, can anyone please help me with this if possible

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