CFS3 problem

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Nov 21, 2004
I got a new PC (and soon I'll get DSL so I'll be around more often) and I experience problems with CFS3: When I start the game - with any configuration chosen - everything trembles! I try to fly and I see everything as if I have drunk 5lt of wine or something!!! :shock:
My system have an Albatron 7800GTX graphics card and Albatron K8SLI with Athlon 64 X2 3800+... Any help is welcome!

(At least Pacific Fighters and IL-2 goes smoothly but I have a great collection of aircraft for CFS3 and it really sucks :cry: )

I checked microsoft for any latest update but it seeems that Microsoft has abandoned CFS3 because the site's last update was on 2004! I also updated my drivers for everything I had (GPU, mainboard Bios etc) but nothing changed

Any suggestion would be more than welcome
Hmmm... That's the first time I hear of a problem like that...

How much MB RAM do you have ? If you got less than 256 MB RAM that may be the problem. However, the game is still slow with 256 MB RAM. If you want the game to work smoothly, you'll need at least 512 MB RAM.

I'm not very up to date with 3D video cards, but I must admit I never heard about the one you have. If that's an "inboard" graphic card (included IN the mother board), that could also be the problem. Some "inboard" devices are not really famous and some games may not recognize them (it happened a couple of times with my sound card).

When it happened with my sound card, I went to the configuration screen (in the game) and tested each choices in the list one after the other... I ended up finding the good one... Sometimes it was "Sound Blaster 16", sometimes it was "Sound Blaster Pro" and it even happened that I had to select a sound card name I never heard of before. May be you could try the same thing with your graphic card.
I have 1024MB of RAM and I tested it and it was OK.
7800GTX is not an onboard graphics card it is the latest nVidia GPU and it is quite powerful - believe me!
I've tried every possible combination in the configuration menu of the game but it still does not work right
Then you're screwed up ! ;)

Is your game a legal copy, or did you bought it from a hacker ? If it's a legal copy, try to contact Micrsoft support (by their web site or by phone). They'll ask you the serial number of your game and verify if that's a legal copy. If your copy is a legal one, the help will be free. Otherwise, you're in really deep sh*t. :lol:

No seriously, I'm sure Microsoft Support Team as a solution. Try to contact them.
i got the game legally but when I visited Microsoft on the web for online support for CFS3 there where only support for CFS2 and the support page (for CFS2) was asking for a PID that I could not find anywhere in (In the box of the game or in the manuals and in the help file, Microsoft said that it must be in the help file). So I would appreciate if someone knows an e-mail adress where I can send Microsoft a letter to report my problem because I cannot find any.
I can't go on the English version of the site, it keeps sending me on the French version... But there is one on the French version, so there would be one on the English one too.

Go on the Microsoft web site and click on "Support". Then click "Contact Us". You should see a mailing address, an E-mail address, a phone number and a fax number. Choose the one you want.
The fact is that there isn't an e-mail adress there only a mailing adress, a phone number and a fax number...

There is a link "contact a support profesional by e-mail" but there (after selecting CFS3 as product) I am driven to a site that says "Start E-mail request" I press the button and I go to a site that asks me for the PID I mentioned earlier. :cry: :evil:

Why they make it so complicated? When I needed assistance for my mainboard from Albatron I found it in their support page and they answered right away! :!:
Believe it or not the PID for CFS3 isn't there... But I solved the problem so I don't need Microsoft anymore..

I experinced trouble with some other games like Farcry and Half Life 2 which need a lot of graphics and the computer crashed after a while. So I increased the power supply and everything works ok. For a reason CFS3 was fixed too (I did not understand why but I am very happy and I don't care)

Thank you Maestro for helping me anyway see you somewhere in the forum 8)

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