Christmas 1944

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Nov 9, 2005
Klinton Brown Joined the Army
To fight the German War.
Saw friends and brothers
cross over to the other shore.
He said "Why them?"
He said "Why not me instead?"
"Why, if anything, this can't be over?"

Every Christmas Eve
He thought about the fat men
who promised they'd be home
for Christmas Eve.
Here they are again
singing 'Happy Birthday Jesus'
In some God forsaken hole
in Belgium.

Klinton Brown manned the .50
He loved to hear the roar.
Sending other peoples brothers
to the other shore.
Where they might
meet the very guys
he loved and lost.
Then maybe
they could see eye to eye

And every Christmas Eve
He thinks about his hometown.
The lights along the streets
on Christmas Eve.
The snow he lies in now
feels so very different
It's just not the same somehow
as home.

Klinton Brown went back home
when his .50 froze.
The eagle on his sleeve
still defiant and proud.
Screaming loud the hope.
Freedoms Hope.
Happy Birthday Jesus!
interesting V2

my good friend Unteroffizer Helmuth Reichert in the Heer 1st Infantrie Division was almost thinking and saying the same thing when he was on the Ost front in that hell hole
Here is die fröhliche Weinachten des jahres 1940... LOL

with special emphasis on the near future for Ost front Landser ....... get ready to freeze your arse's off

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