Concerts you will be attending this year.

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Well, Chris, if you have a wife and 2 kids you are glad to have the time to go to a concert once :lol:
I'll be going to "The Presidents of the USA" in a small hall in Amsterdam on March 21th and in June AC/DC.

But after Metallica on Thursday, I 'll have my own concert on Friday. For the first time, my band will perform in public as a 3 man-formation.With 150 sold tickets it's a far cry from our last performance with the old 7-men formation with 1500 people, but it'll be fun. I'm very excited, being the only guitarist and second lead singer.
AC/DC will be here in Hungary soon too, in Budapest (too expensive to get up there though for us).

Looking forward to the Ákos ('Akosh' in English) concert here soon in Pécs though!! :D
Well Anthrax was just confirmed for the one day Sonisphere Festival that I will be attending on July 4th this year.

The confirmed lineup so far is:

Die Toten Hosen
In Extremo
Lamb of God

More bands to be announced soon and Very Special Guests to be announced on June 8th.
I have tickets for Mahler on the 20th July, I suspect a little different from most of you, but its variety that adds spice to the world.

Everyone enjoy their thing.
I have tickets for Mahler on the 20th July, I suspect a little different from most of you, but its variety that adds spice to the world.

Everyone enjoy their thing.

You may actually be surprised, but I go to more classical concerts then to rock concerts. Next week, Bach on the big organ in the Great church here in Dordrecht.
That I would like to hear.

An aside, I was talking to my brother in law a few weeks ago. He's a heavy metal fan and always has been. He admitted that when he was younger he went to his first classical concert and couldn't believe the sound that he heard. He admitted that he kept looking around, trying to find the speakers!!
The church here in Dordrecht has 2 organs, one in real Bach tuning and an older one (I believe build in 1670 or so) in romantic tuning. The last one can blow you away when they open all registers. I really love the sound of it.

About 10 years ago I played the trumpet in a brass ensemble here, mainly playing Barok music (like Handel, Pursell etc) We were 8 man, could play for for 500 people without any amplifying. I also like the sound of a full symphonic orchestra, playing for instance Handel's Wassermusic or Beethoven's Symphony No 6.
I rarely played in a symphonic orchestra myself, as a trumpetplayer doesn't have much to do in one. I rather liked the Brass groups. Nowadays I don't play the trumpet any more, but play the guitar instead.
Hell yeah! Not only am I going to be seeing Metallica next weekend in Stuttgart, and then again in Oberhausen a week later and then on July 4th for a 3rd time...

I will also be meeting Metallica in Oberhausen. I received backstage passes from the fan club!!!
Here are some pics from the Metallica concert I went to on Saturday in Stuttgart, Germany! Great ****ing show as always!

The setlist was as follows:

That Was Just Your Life
The End Of The Line
Creeping Death
Wherever I May Roam
Broken, Beat And Scarred
Sad But True
No Leaf Clover
The Judas Kiss
The Day That Never Comes
Master Of Puppets
Damage, Inc.
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
- - - - - - - -
The Wait
Phantom Lord
Seek and Destroy











This coming weekend I'm going to a festival in North Dallas were Night Ranger, Kansas, the Toadies, Kansas, and some lesser bands will be playing. I'm going just to see Night Ranger.
Damn I forgot that I posted these pics already and just posted them all over again. Oh well...

Actually that festival you are going to sounds like something I might enjoy.

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