corsair's gunsight reflector and eye position

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    in most WWII pictures and videos, F4U-1A/C/D corsair seems like didn't have the default fixed reflector for mk 8 gunsight. only few case founded for have it.

    as i see, commonly,

    F4U-1A_cockpit_t2ec16hhjg8e9nyfp-m3brl8pvkv960_57.jpg US Marine Corps pilot 2nd Lieutenant John Zoellner, Jr. in the cockpit of a F4U-1 Corsair fighte.jpg F4U_cockpit_Qv53863_reduce.jpg F4U-1A_big_hog_vf-17.jpg F4U-1C Corsair Pilot George Diemer Jr. of VMF-311 at Roi-Namur Airfield.jpg
    case of F4U-1A, square type additonal reflector fitted at upperside of front canopy.

    Second Lieutenant William Perry Brown Jr. of VMF-311, Okinawa, 1945_reduced.jpg F4U-1D #172 AG-83 Essex JUL45 Sullivan web_reuce.jpg Corsair Pilots of Marine Aircraft Group 22, Ie Shima, 1945 Lieutenant Colonel Thomas C. Colt, Jr.jpg F4U-1D Corsair of Marine Squadron VMF-422 at Ie Shima Airfield, Ie Shima, Okinawa, Japan, 1945_r.jpg
    case of F4U-1D or -4, just direct use a bullet proof glass as gun-sight reflector.


    also line of sight was raised from old birdcage corsairs with raised seat position.

    i'm looking for document what improvement of visibility with corsair's gunsight configuration and raised line of sight.

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