Crash of B24 Liberator #42-50668

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A noteworthy tragic event occurred close to my home toward the end of the war. In the late afternoon of Monday, 19 February, 1945 an American B24 Liberator (#42-50668) crashed on the moors just outside Burnley, England. I went to the scene not long after the crash when the wreckage was still smoldering. The entire event is well chronicled at: 42-50668.htm

There was a memorial service at St. Peter's (Church of England) parish church in Burnley for the crew members who died. An American memorial chapel was installed in St. Peter's church -- it is still there.
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What is the OS reference for the crash site of the Liberator Bomber which crashed in 1945? :evil:Dammed if I can find it. Hope someone can help.

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