Daks over Duxford.

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This penultimate post shows the final flying sequence of the day, when the American fighters took to the now dismal, damp sky, with a formation made up of a RAF Mustang, USAAF, P-47 and P-51 and the RN Wild.... Wil..... Martlet !
After a couple of passes as a complete formation, the Martlet put on a solo display, before the remaining threesome closed with a few more passes.
As can be seen in the photos, the weather really had deteriorated, with rain and cloud almost obscuring the aircraft at times.
Again, all credit to the pilots for their performance in these miserable conditions.

I'll sort a few 'abstract' shots to close my contribution to this event - back soon.

DoD 63.jpg
DoD 64.jpg
DoD 65.jpg
DoD 66.jpg
DoD 67.jpg
DoD 68.jpg
DoD 69.jpg
DoD 70.jpg
DoD 71.jpg
DoD 72.jpg
Thanks Andy.

I'll end with a few 'abstract' shots, and perhaps Garry (Geedee) will add some of his when he has time, although I understand he lost 1700 pics when a memory card went t*ts up !
Thanks to all who 'looked in', and I hope you enjoyed this limited look at a cold and wet 'Daks over Duxford'.
My thanks again to 'The D-Day Squadron', the organisers of the Duxford event, and, of course, the pilots and crews who braved the weather to make this possible.
Next event should be 'Legends' in July, when I'll hopefully post more 'warbird' pics.

DoD 73.jpg
DoD 74.jpg
DoD 75.jpg
DoD 76.jpg
DoD 77.jpg
DoD 78.jpg
DoD 79.jpg
DoD 80.jpg
The fighters weren't due to fly on Tuesday, being 'saved' for the cross-channel flight to Normandy, escorting the Daks the following day.
However, as the mass para drop (and the earlier free-fall display) were cancelled due to the weather, the fighters took off, in very poor conditions with drizzle and a fairly strong crosswind, to keep the crowds entertained.
First up were two MkIX Spitfires, the well-known MH434 of The Fighter Collection, and the two seat 'Grace' Spitfire, the latter, originally a single-seat fighter, being the aircraft that scored the first allied victory over Normandy on D-Day, when flown by New Zealander Johhnie Houlton, the aircraft bearing the markings it wore on D-Day.
This pair provided a stunning display of close formation, fast, low passes, in difficult conditions, and all credit to the pilots for their fantastic, and much appreciated efforts.
Apologies for the 'soft' images, due to the very poor lighting conditions.

More to come soon ...............

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Ah, those flimsy spitfires again.

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