Damn I passed 2000 without even noticing!

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2nd Lieutenant
Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium

I made my 2030th post on this freakin' site!

When I came here, I thought it's gonna be just another site that are tons out there - boring with 12 yo kids and with topics like "Show me your desktop, I'll show you mine!"

Well, I think it's a bit like that but still it's funny and this site also provides fantastic ww2 aviation info.

Also I can seriously say I consider some of you as my friends.

So, keep up posting this shit! At least, it's an interesting shit. Sometimes.......

Id be doing that daily ;) :lol: Im nearly on 20,000...When you think that ive posted a message here twenty thousand times its pretty weird. :lol:
yes. but still the number of your posts say how much (approximately) time you invested in a particular site.......

on my other hompegae ww2scalemodeler.de/ there's a next generation pbb forum that counts the total time of time you spent logged in. that's much more accurate aspect.........

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