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Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England
Can Someone find out how many Dornier Do-17's were made in total for me please?

And also what height what the Horsa glider be towed to before being released from the tug?

TIA 8)
Production of the Dornier Do 217 continued until June 1944. A total of 1905 Dornier Do 217 (all variants) were produced

The Do 17Z was the most numerous of the Do 17s, with some 1,700 being built between 1939 and 1940.... The number I've seen several times is 1,730...

Also there were a total of 92 Do-215's produced...
there must have been a standard height...

And Les, thanks for that, but i wanted just the Do-17 :lol: Just the total production figure for production of the Do-17 :lol: not the Do-215, or the D-217, just the Do-17 :D
Horsa gliders, and all combat gliders, were usually released as near the target as possible, and just high enough to be out of range of any small arms fire that might be coming up. "Glider" is a poor descriptive title, as most of them glided like a rock when fully loaded.
lesofprimus--where do your figures come from? My sources say 1200 Do17's of all variants were produced, and 1730 Do217's.
Not sure where Les got his numbers, but the avarage of what I found is:

17's, all types, about 1400-1500
215 exactly 101
217 about 1500-1600

My site is in more detail, but except for the 215, it's educated guesses.

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