Do you train any kind of a fighting sport?

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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
I do Krav Maga, which is a self-defence tactical hand-to-hand fight evolved by Israeli Army. I combine it with kick-boxing. I'm currently on a three day training camp in Tel Aviv, Israel (but leaving tommorrow... :cry: ) and it's fucking hard and exhausting but worth the experience! I can say that the profi guys who I work with are crazy machines. No wonder when they live here...

Would do you do? I know the FlyBoyJ does boxing and Les probanbly too, but with skates on, right? :lol:
Me neither a fan of pain but sometime it is necessary to fight for your rights.
I do practical handgun shooting.

It gives me the ability to stay fat and pain free while asserting the abilty to project lethal force beyond hand to hand ranges.

Of course, if I don't have my handgun with me, I can still project the ability to beg and plead for my life. :lol:
My fighting sport is going shopping with the wife on a Saturday morning if you get stuck in the ladies department when a sales on i don't give a shit what Dan or colour belt you are. Dead meat in ten seconds flat especially if you stand between a woman and her half price sale item its like being run over by a Challenger II.
Growing up my dad ran a Karate school part-time. He and my older sister were very good and were often featured in local newspapers. As a result many local bullies would try to challenge me. To make matters worse, my dad "pushed" me into the sport. Eventually I hated it....

As far as the bullies - upon initial confrontation I usually "pussied out" of the challenge but the minute they turned away from me they either got sucker punched, kicked, hit with a bottle, bat, 2x4 or something of the sought. I refused to give them the satisfaction of fighting a "martial arts" guy, instead they usually wound up getting stitches from getting hit with a tossed brick.

Growing up in New York just manifested this situation but at one point I was eventually left alone. :twisted:
I boxed golden gloves in high school. I also was into Karate (Kyokushinkai), fencing and Kendo. I haven't done most of those in years though. I also played hockey, but because I was a smaller guy, I had guys like Les to be my enforcers.
trackend said:
Sounds fun FBJ as long as you didnt "wax on wax off" for Mr Miyabee :)
god that film was rough the kid was about 27 was'nt he?

Yea it was! To make matters worse the guy who actually owned the school was one of the most evil mother fonkers you'll ever meet! He passed away a few years ago, probably kicking the devil in the nuts every day.

The "Karate Kid?" our school was "the bad guys." :rolleyes:
I know that feeling Evan when I was at school half the teachers (all Welsh) played county or club rugby I was only 4ft 6" and this bleeding great prop forward who was a good 260 lbs and taking us in training flattened me then landed on my bonce fortunately the ground was muddy so most of my head was pushed into the dirt but it felt like both my ears met in the middle. Being little at school had serious draw backs.
6-1" and 275lbs.

I can almost bench press my weight. Probably about 260lbs.

As for fighting ability, well, have you ever heard the saying, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall"?

It's true. Fighting skill is more important than size or strength. I wouldn't last two seconds against a guy half my size who's trained and competent in martial arts.

Now, with a pistol, I can be dangerous. Just last year, I placed second in a combat handgun competition involving 53 competitors.
evangilder said:
I also played hockey, but because I was a smaller guy, I had guys like Les to be my enforcers.

Ah hockey, my second love! Played many years and like you, kind of one of the smaller guys (5'9" 160-170 lbs). I played like Ken Linseman (Rat Patrol) at times, mellowed out in my later years :rolleyes:
I am afraid that I wasn't trained in fighting sports but instructed at Archery and Shooting. For some reason I was useless with a handgun when they were legal over here but was OK with a rifle.

All the people I have taught are now better than me so I am obviously a better coach than practitioner.

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