**** DONE: GB-45 1/48 Bf 109G-6 (2) - BoB/Foreign Service

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Good stuff. I needed to sand the bumps down a tad to get a good flush fit but it may have been my kit as there was some slight mold shift and flash
Yeah Geo I had a few "Oh My Gawd, Really" moments trying to make it play nice. No bad but too much PE fiddly bits in the cockpit if you try and use them all. I lost two left seat belts, found one, hey 50-50 ain't bad in that arena!
Meanwhile I have been working on this project but not posting so much, so catch-up time has come along. To those of you familiar with this kit, I'll apologize up front. I think I had a few issues and may have gotten in a bit of a hurry.

I had an issue with the alignment of the fuselage. this in turn cased a separation on one side of the vertical tail. Also some putty work to even the offset.

I thought I was going to have an issue with the fit of the wings. You install the gearwell side walls and gear tunnel into the lower wing.

and then the upper wing. The inboard leading edge of the upper wing did not seem to want to mate while dry fitting and left a large gap. I fixed this by glueing it in place first and clamping the heck out of it, and it played nice from then on.


I then mated the wing and fuselage together.

I then applied a coat of primer.

Then preshading, I'm not noted for priming and pre shading but Dale and I have had some long discussion and I am going to try it.
thumbnail (1).jpg
thumbnail (2).jpg
thumbnail (3).jpg

I'm really enjoying this new air brush.
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That is looking real good, Don. Maybe another light coat of the RLM 76 to dampen down the pre-shading a bit more. BUT, just a very light coat. Pre-shading can be difficult. Just when you think one more coat is needed, you discover you covered all that pre-shading up. It can be a very subtle, but good look when done right and you are doing a damned good job for your 1st stab at it.
Maybe a bit more just around the port wheel well?
Yes Andy, ironically I saw this when I posted the pics. It's still an in work and I don't think I like it at that. I'll keep working it though. I'm hard on a lot of this panel line stuff as I worked on them for twenty and didn't see very much of that as a norm, any way I'll see.

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