**** DONE: GB-45 1:48 Slovakian Bf 109G-6 - BoB/Foreign Service

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Thanks Andy and Dale. I think they do spray nicer than Tamiya and it seems they are semi-gloss. I also like them as there is no mixing involved. I also like that they can be mixed 1:1 with distilled water. Having said that, are the colours accurate? I've found the majority say yes but I guess its up to the individual and if he has access to accurate colour chips. I just went down, got my model and held it up against my screen. The colours on the model pretty much reflect the image. I then imposed colour chips on the image. The paint may be just scale effect as it is lighter than the chips. Blah, blah, blah, colour rendering but I like it


Meeplemart has them a $2.95 a bottle, the same they charge for Tamiya but once again the shipping charges. I guess if one loads up it might defer the shipping costs
Mr. Hobby Acrysion
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Looks Good from here Geo

Had a look around and it looks to me like Mr.Hobby/Gunze are not making paint at the moment. Sunward seem to have a decent supply of Mr.Hobby but how long that will last is questionable. I went to their website and sent them an email asking if they are still in business, see what happens I guess.
Forgot the pic. Two left on the bottom and done


The decals snuggled down into the panel lines on their own but they did like to stick where they were placed. A lot of water was added to get them to move again. The two wing walk lines were a pain in the keester because of this; about 10 minutes each to get into position. They were also labelled wrong on the instruction sheet
Thanks Andy. Markings are new to me as well and if I didn't know the back story I would have thought they were for one of those Japanese kits that came with markings for cartoon shows

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