**** DONE: GB-45 1/72 Hurricane Mk.I - BoB/Foreign Service

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Jan 7, 2017
Ok I admit I've been preoccupied with other projects for a bit View attachment 578775 Any way time for an update............

Many many thanks to Zippythehog for the parts, they were definitely a game changer on getting things back on the road. I got a little little carried away with sticking things together and forgot to take pics, but just a tip, slice a touch off the top of the legs where the attachment point is and thin the sides where they slot in.

View attachment 578768

A test fit of the support struts will likely show a bit of the rear of the tab will need to be removed at the back to get a good fit at the leg. Another thing to note which is truly annoying is the misalignment, mold seam that the landing suffer from.........sigh, however once everything is in place it's all pretty solid and looks the part.
View attachment 578769

Here every thing is glued into place, I used gators on the base of the support struts to avoid making a mess of the paint, and ExtraThin where they attach to the landing gear for strength.

View attachment 578770

After getting all the stencils on it was time to get the main markings in place, I started with the tail, these actually fit really well, but the first one took forever to dry in place and kept sliding around on me, I tied to speed things up a bit with a hair dryer.......don't do that.

View attachment 578771

The I moved on to the lower Roundels which went on very nicely, I am truly impressed with the decals. What I found was that Sovlaset seemed to soften them just enough to help them settle into the panel lines, but I still sliced them to help them out a bit, this worked really well on the side panels.

View attachment 578773

View attachment 578772

And here is where things are at at the moment

View attachment 578767

View attachment 578774

Time to add a little wear and tear then some fiddly bits and call it done I think.
View attachment 578779
Looking good, my friend. You’ve done the hard work.


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Apr 26, 2005
Thank you all for your support

First the bad news, one of the undercarriage doors has gone AWOL, ironically the same side as the missing landing gear
, so I hope they are both floating around in another dimension happily together. I may have stuck it in another kit box, a stupid habit I'm loathe to break for some reason. I've had missing bits turn up years later in some other kit even after searching all the what I thought were suspect boxes, so I'll just have to keep my chin up and carry on I suppose.

Anyway, a last update before crossing the finish line, getting all the fiddly bits and final touch ups done I finally got around to the exhaust plumbing, so a word of warning, I probably should have checked these before putting the fuselage halves together, again the holes are to small for the tabs and things need to be trimmed to fit. First off though one of mine was short shot, not to serious as the visible bits were not affected, but one of the tabs was missing but as it turned out this wasn't a bad thing. But when I cut it from the attachment point it also broke.

As did the tab as I was trimming it to get it to fit the holes, as did one of them on the other one so I ended up cutting them all off, I'll attach them with Gator glue at the end of the build.




Nov 22, 2009
The Jungles of Canada
Ah....the finish line....love it. I know what you mean about putting parts in other boxes. I started a Ki.43 Start to Finish thread. Was grinding and test fitting resin parts to the kit and when I went to test fit the canopy she was no where to be found. Fast forward a few years and I was one day away from sending Hasegawa $11.00USD plus shipping for the replacement. I was starting my GB George that day and there in all its glory was the Ki.43 clear parts sprue.


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Jan 7, 2017
Lol. It must be endemic to the model building type.
BTW-Inspired by Tim’s build, and slightly coveting the results, I began one of my Arma Hurris. As I was sanding the gear doors, one fell on the grey basement floor. Arrrrrg!
Anyway, after finding the long lost Blenheim pitot mast, I did find the gear door under a piece of floor flotsam.

And-what a nice kit.

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