****DONE: GB-45 1/48 Hurricane Mk.I - BoB/Foreign Service

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Thanks Guys, she now has the exhausts and wheels in place and Red Gun cover patches and a second gloss coat to seal everything...hopefully Flat coat tomorrow.

86_Wheels Exhaust & Gloss_5467.jpg
87_Wheels Ehaust & Gloss_5470.jpg
88_Wheels Exhaust & Gloss_5471.jpg
Terry or Andy need your help....hopefully you have the right answer, as I finish up this bird...there is a small light on the underside of the fuselage, what colour is it?

I found some pics of another Hurricane which appears to show the Lens cover as Red but I don't know if this is accurate on a display aircraft...your input please before I fit the lens cover....light colour may not matter if cover is tinted red....
That's the I.D. lamp, and they were normally amber in colour. I've seen pics of museum aircraft where it looks red, but this may be either the effect of ageing, the lighting conditions, or just purely an error, or what was available, during restoration.

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