**** DONE: GB-45 1/48 P-40B - BoB/Foreign Service (3 Viewers)

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Ok, just about done with the weathering. Work done to this point is sealed in a flat coat. I need to add some chipping by dry brushing, finish the landing gear, prop, glass and such. Almost down to final fiddly bits. I tried to avoid getting too ham fisted with the weathering. I think I did just ok. But, the old skills are coming back. Slower than I would like. But, my goal here is just get a GB subject complete and have it come out ok. Pics below and thanks for stopping by.

Weathered and flat coated - bottom.jpgWeathered and flat coated - top back view.jpgWeathered and flat coated lft side.jpgWeathered and flat coated - rgt side.jpg

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