*** GB 45 “BoB / Foreign Service ” – Winners - JUDGED COMPETITION ***

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Wayne Little

Oct 7, 2006
Adelaide Sth. Aust.
The judging of votes for Group Build 45 has been completed….so

Here are the Winners for the latest Group Build,

Category 1 Beginner / Novice / Casual CATEGORY.
We had a Single Entry in this Section,

1st Place goes to Alan : PlasticHero for his 1/72 Spitfire Mk.1a

Category 2 Intermediate / Casual CATEGORY. 8 Entries

1st Place in this Category goes to Tim : Nsmekanik with his 1/72 Hawker Hurricane Mk.1
2nd Place in this Category goes to Dale : Dnied for his 1/48 P-40B Flying Tiger
3rd Place in this Category goes to Don : Donivanp with his 1/48 Finnish Bf109G-6

Category 3 Experienced / Expert CATEGORY. 2 Entries

1st Place in this Category goes to Graham : Bustedwing for his Dornier Do18
2nd Place TIE in this Category goes to George : Fubar57 with his 1/48 Slovakian Bf109G-6

So…CONGRATULATIONS to Alan, Tim and Graham for First Place Entries in their respective categories and also the second and Third place getters.

And Congrats to Andy for Winning the Poll for best Aircraft overall for his Gladiator, as voted by our forum members.

A BIG Thankyou to all who found the time to participate in this Build, well done.
We appreciate the time and effort put in by all participants at the various levels, and the outstanding exchange of Information, Hints, Tips, Parts and Decals to those who required something to help their project.
Please continue to support the Group Builds in any way you can whether you build something or just enjoy watching others do their stuff!
We want this to be a friendly atmosphere and above all…..have FUN !
Thanks…The Judging Panel.
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Staff Sergeant
Oct 31, 2012
Austin, TX
Congrats guys! It sure is fun being back at the bench and interacting with you bunch of screwballs again. I can't tell you how many times you guys have left me chuckling. And, Terry, your line "I'll get me coat", well, I am using that in my day to day life now. That line just cracks me up.


Senior Airman
Jul 31, 2019
Pennsylvania, USA
Well, a win is a win (embarrassed face) I will be in intermediate from now on. In the 80's I was in the Baltimore IPMS club and would meet once a month. This forum is like being able to have that meeting 3 times a week. Being able to show what your doing, get help and see the day to day progress of so many fine builders is great.


Senior Airman
Apr 26, 2005
Sorry I've been a bit slow in posting, I'm getting old and slow (that's my excuse anyway) I must say I'm truly surprised at coming in #1 in the intermediate category, especially with the missing gear door, but who am I to argue....... congratulations to the other winners, and I did enjoy everyone's builds along the way.

Thank you all.


Nov 1, 2009
Miranda, NSW
Great work, excellent efforts by all.
So many things going on here on the home front, one day I will be back in.

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