**** FINISHED: GB-45 1/48 P-40B - BoB/Foreign Service

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Staff Sergeant
Oct 31, 2012
Austin, TX
User name: dneid
First Name: Dale
Category: Intermediate
Scale: 1/48
Manufacturer: Airfix
Model Type: P-40B
Aftermarket: Eduard Cockpit PE

Ok, the P-40B is complete. Overall a nice kit. I was not really happy with how Airfix engineered the wings guns, but not a bad kit at all. Pics below.
Done front.jpgDone Lft.jpgDone Lft Front.jpgDone Lft Rear.jpgDone Rear.jpgDone Rgt.jpgDone Rgt Front.jpgDone Rgt Rear.jpg
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Thanks, Geo. It is great to be back at the bench. I had forgotten how much I missed you guys. Still a little frustrated over the lost skills, but they will come back.

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