****DONE: GB-45 1/48 Hurricane Mk.I - BoB/Foreign Service

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Thanks George.

last bits happening....wig tip lights drilled, colours added and attached, Lower fuselage Lens cover painted and added..Yellow with a dash of red..!
Non standard replacement Aerial mast attached, Pitot Tube under wing and Gunsight on upper cowl.
92_Wingtip lights_5593.jpg
93_Wingtip lights_5635.jpg
94_Formation Light_5588.jpg
95_Aerial mast_5594.jpg
96_Pitot tube_5601.jpg
Thanks Guys, I'm especially glad this shot turned out 'Clean' .....on Thursday I picked it up not realising I had some Black paint on my thumb which in turn left a black finger print and small blob on one half of the Blue and white national marking about 6mm x 8mm oval shaped......was not happy.

Out with with 8000 grade cloth slowly and carefully wet rubbing it back a bit at a time......30 minutes later a sigh of relief and it was gone.
Should have taken a picture but I was so pi$$ed at myself I got into it straight away hoping it had not settled in too much and caused any damage.
Real glad I put a good gloss coat over the decal to seal it in the first instance....

And she is done now, staying rather clean as she had only just been repainted in the Green/Black warpaint and about to be put back into service after repairs.
I hope to at some time down the track to do her in earlier British colours also as Black 2 and later as Black 5, suitably weathered...

96_Pitot tube_5601.jpg
96_Pitot tube_5601.jpg

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