**** DONE: GB-48 1:72 Heinkel 115 C-1 - Carrier & Maritime Patrol A/C of WWII

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Dec 6, 2005
North Delta BC
Obladi Oblada decals go on yeah, well in a perfect world maybe yes. The underside balkenkreuz more or less came off the backing paper OK but when I hit them with setting solution one turned to baby poo and the other just sat there with that look that my cats give me when they think I'm the stupidest life form on the planet. Went through my stash of aftermarket decals and nada, el zippo so it's back to making stencils. The other thing was the painting that went off without a hitch until I masked of the camouflage. I used 3M fine line tape which is fairly thin and low tach but in several places where I pulled it up it also pulled up the final coat along with the flat black and primer and bits of the underlying plastic leaving divots. I'm seriously amazed at the crappy state of of the plastic, never seen anything like it. It's like the model was formed with Rice Krispies or something. Some bondo and some touch ups later back in it etc. Scratch built exhaust pipes are in. Looking at the back nine and hoping it doesn't snow !!!!

He-115 (50)r.jpg

He-115 (51)r.jpg

He-115 (52)r.jpg

He-115 (53)r.jpg

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Mar 24, 2010
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Does look real nice Graham, even with all the problems.

And I wouldn't worry about the MEK, I'm sure it's totally harmless. A few years back I was on a bridge building project where painters were spray painting the steel beams. At the end of the day this one painter's face was covered with the overspray so he soaked a rag from a 5 gal can of MEK and wiped his face clean. I'm sure he is still alive and not contracted 20 different kinds of cancer. :rolleyes:
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