**** DONE: GB-56 1/72 XP-47J - Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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Hi T-Bolt, looks like you're having fun. FWIW, a while back, I did a scratch/conversion of the Academy kit over on ARC: P-47J Scratch/Conversion

where most of the decal artwork is ready to use for 1/72 scale, if you want to save some time. One consideration is that I have often felt that the picture showing Superman with the white cape and "S" was simply unfinished art at the time, so I took the liberty of adding the cape and "S"color. Your mileage may vary...

That's some very nice work Ed. I've already made up the art work so I think I'll be going with that. That's the same color photo I used as a reference. It was one of a bunch of photos taken at an air show at Wright-Patterson in 1947 so if the artwork was unfinished I doubt that it was ever finished. Thanks anyway.
I started work by filing in the intercooler vents on the fuselage sides with CA, then went on to reshaping the gear wells and doors. The white plastic on the gear doors was added because I took off too much on my first attempt at se-shaping. After looking at the last picture I'm not really happy with the shape of the one on the left and will have to do a bit more work on it. The pieces are so small that you don't really get a good look at them until you're looking at a blown-up photo.

I cut the pouring block off the resin cowl last night and flattened the back by using a peice of sandpaped on a flat surface, than repaired a few little nicks around the edge with CA. It was test fitted it to the fuselage and the fit looks pretty good. the cowl should only need some minor surface sanding which hopefully will not open up any bubbles.

I hate cutting the mount bases from resin parts, especially the larger parts, last time I used a floppy sanding wheel on my Dremel, much quicker and easier. I did ware a protective mask against the dust. :D
A lot done this weekend

Cut back the razorback, painted and installed the cockpit


Glued the fuselage halves together and filled in the cut back razorback.


Cut-out and glued in the vacuform lower fuselage. The fit was pretty good, and I wish the XP-72 was done like this instead of that resin insert. I still have to smooth in the joints with CA but nothing drastic. I also have to do something with the front end where it meets the cowling. I'm thinking some thick sheet plastic that I can file a slight bevel on where it will butt against the cowl.


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