**** DONE: GB-56 1/72 XP-47J - Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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I closed up the front of the lower fuselage vacu-form using plastic from a bread twist-tie. Actually, I think these were from bags of potatoes, they're longer and thicker. I also did all the filling and sanding on the joint between the vacu-form and the fuselage and will be starting work on the wings next.

It's amazing, and sometimes amusing, what we modellers find in everyday products that could be useful in our hobby.
Just today, I was about to throw out a couple of broken, plastic clothes hangers, the type with clips to hold trousers. I realised that the "clips" can slide off the hanger, and will make excellent clamps, being spring-loaded and with rubber pads in the jaws, great for clamping wings together or similar items.
Also, the hangers themselves can be a source of clear plastic. I will have to fabricate the window at the fuselage spine aft of the sliding canopy and I might see if that will work.
There were bubbles in the cowling resin that had to be filled. Not nearly as many as the XP-72, but still quite a few. Two hours of filling, filing, filling, filing, filling, filing, sanding, sanding and sanding, and it looked pretty good.
I added the two separators in the tubro intake shown in the third photo and glued the cowl on which was a pretty good fit.
I sized the decals and was going to print hem on decal film but my printer is out of ink so that will have to wait for another day.
On to the wings.

I got a bit of work done yesterday in-between Items on the honey-do list.

Made up the cowl flaps from a Miller High Life can. I'm very pleased with the result.


Assembled the wings and cleaned up the joints. I changed the lengths of the guns to match the configuration of the XP-47J, removing the outer gun altogether and filling in 2 ejection ports on each wing and adding another. I also drilled out the remaining ports.


Drilled out the guns


Sprayed on the anti-glare


This Microscopic piece is the window at the top of the spine just behind the sliding canopy that was unique to the XP-47J. I made it by bending a piece of clear plastic sheet to match the bend of the spine, then cut and filed it to fit. Took quite a while because of the small size and I dropped it at least a dozen times. It's a miracle I didn't lose it.



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