**** DONE: GB-56 1/72 XP-47J - Thunderbolts and Lightnings

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I put the decals on tonight.

First the homemade decals printed out and sealed. I'm somewhat disappointed with the printing. I may have to look for another printer.


The first superman decal on white film. It was cut inside the edge so the white doesn't show on the outside. He doesn't have a head because it was only an outline on the original. You can see why I'm not real happy with the printing.


It looks much better after the second decal which was printed on clear film. I was hopeing for a better result but I can live with it. Sorry, the picture s a bit out of focus.


Tail serials turned out pretty good. The star & bar is from the Acadmey kit.


The homemade buzz number. Again, not real happy with the printer but I can touch it up.


All the decals on.
I'm presently surprised with the Academy decals. I built this same kit about 15 years ago and the decals were awful, thick and non-responsive to any decal solution. This kit was a later boxing and although the decals were for the same aircraft they were a big improvement.
Panel lines next.

A bit more work done.

Assembled the prop using Buick Boost prop blades for a B-25. Not 100% happy with the shape as the blades are a bit too thin but the taper shape at the spinner seems close and they were the closest match I could find.


I re-positioned the drag links from the front of the gear legs to the side.


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