**** DONE: GB-58 1/48 Bf 109G-6/R6 with FuG 350 Naxos - Night Fighters all Eras

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A coat of this might help. I've used Microscale's version

As expected, I use the Vallejo technique, the craft gloss varnish, not the modeling varnish, is perfect for this task, since when it dries the decal remains as new, another advantage is that once it is installed, put vinegar for cleaning (here It is very easy to find in Spain), it comes off the decal and the decal remains just as thin as when it was made by the manufacturer. but already fixed on the plane, only one catch: the cleaning vinegar is the same as microsol but pure, which has to be followed carefully afterwards because the decal wrinkles and if it is touched it is destroyed as it happens when it gets a lot of microsol, Once dry, it is straight and wrinkle-free and so integrated into the painting that there is almost no edge relief...

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