**** FINISHED: GB-58 1/48 Bf 109G-6/R6 with FuG 350 Naxos - Night Fighters all Eras

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Jun 19, 2015
South-East UK
Username: Mainly28s
First name: Olaf
Category: Beginner-ish- Mostly OoBs
Manufacturer: Eduard & Airmodel conversion
Model: 82111X Messerschmitt Bf 109G Late Model Overtrees & AMLA4858 Resin Conversion kit
Scale: 1:48
Extras: I did have to raid the spares box for national insignia, as the overtrees kit has none, and the ones I got with the kit were too fragile. It was brush-painted, as I don't have access to an airbrush.

Even though this is not specifically on the list of aircraft H-W Lerche flew (there are only a couple of '109s specifically listed- the bulk are just assumed), it was stationed at an airfield he could have visited, so I'll chalk this one up to a "what-if-he-flew-it" as a palate-cleanser after my SM.79.

This particular aircraft was assigned to 1/NJGr 10 for testing, at Werneuchen, a few miles from Rechlin. The Naxos installation was designed to locate H2S-equipped Pathfinder bombers.

The required pictures:
Naxos 109 1- Front.jpg
Naxos 109 2- Front Left.jpg
Naxos 109 3- Back Left.jpg
Naxos 109 4- Back.jpg
Naxos 109 5- Back Right.jpg
Naxos 109 6- Front Right.jpg

Top and bottom:
Naxos 109 8- Top.jpg
Naxos 109 7- Bottom.jpg

and an adjusted pic (just added a bit of noise and made it greyscale:
Naxos 109 9- artistic.jpg

So, as you can see a little heavy on the mottle, and light on the exhaust and shadow, but I'm happy with her.

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